Monday, July 15, 2013

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Today I'm touching on a somewhat sensitive topic. It seems to be more and more common, but so many of us women have unwanted hair on our bodies. 
I've been seriously considering trying laser hair removal. I've dealt with tweezing, waxing, bleaching, you name it for several years now when it comes to unwanted hair on my face. It's hereditary, as most of the women in my family have the same issue. One of my cousins actually shaves her face! That's a no-no, so please never try that! And luckily, mine isn't THAT bad, but it's bad enough that I'm using the tweezers every other day. The worst area is under my chin. My mom brought it to my attention the other day that I really need to go get something done with it, because all the pulling I do on the skin there (it helps you see the hairs better so you can pull them out) is going to cause wrinkles and flabby skin as I get older! So now I feel like I really should go try laser hair removal. And if it worked, I'd love to get it done on other areas of my body, too. 

So I'm wondering if anyone has tried it. If so, did it work? How many treatments did you have? What was the cost? I really want to hear some positive testimonials before I take the plunge.

I'd also be willing to try any great products that seem to help. I recently read about this R.E.M. Spring Facial Hair Remover. I'm not quite sure what to think of it, but the reviews seem decent. For less than $15, it could be worth a try!

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  1. I've had laser hair removal in a "few" areas. :) It's been awesome. It was about eight years ago but the effects have been long lasting. Yes, I still have to shave but the hair is finer, thinner and it's much less often.