Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Church Searching

I keep saying that I want to find a new church, but I have yet to go visit a new one. I think I'm a little nervous about not knowing what to expect. I've gone to the same church pretty much all my life. But lately, I just haven't felt like I'm growing there. Any time I feel like something is holding me back in life, I like to make a change. It also got to the point where I didn't really enjoy it because there was no one my age to be around at church. My church has a lot of elderly people.
Finding a new church is easier said than done, especially when you're a single person. I feel a little uncomfortable going by myself and not knowing anyone. I know I could sit in the back and slip out if I didn't like it, but how am I going to meet anyone if I stay hidden?! At the same time, I don't want people pouncing on me like fresh meat. If I attend a service and it isn't my cup of tea, I don't want phone calls, visits, etc. asking me when I'm coming back.
I've heard of a couple popular churches where more younger people tend to go, but I just haven't been sure if they would be right for me because they're non-denominational. I've always gone to a Baptist church, and unfortunately most of the other Baptist churches around here aren't much different than the one I've been going to... lots of elderly people and the same type of format. But I feel like some non-denominational churches could feel more like going to a rock concert than a worship service. 

I really want to find that middle ground, and I want to be part of a church that I really enjoy, where I can meet people and make friends. Several churches now have "small groups," which I haven't been familiar with before. They seem to be divided by age groups or interests. I'm not sure I fit in the "young adult" category anymore, but I'm sure there's got to me a nice group that I'd enjoy. I often wonder if I'd be better trying to find a small group first, and then attend the regular church services, or vice versa.

I'd love to hear thoughts or advice on this subject. Finding a new church seems just as difficult as finding a new job or a new place to live! Stressful!! But I know it needs to be done. I've felt so guilty for not attending lately.
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  1. After moving, we were "church hoppers" for about two years before finding our church home. It's called Chase Oaks which is a Fellowship Bible Church, which are mostly in the south. Honestly I think you'd love it. They are young and dynamic. You can check out their site at We are also members of a small group and I LOVE my women's Bible study group.

  2. Want to come to church with me a Sunday in the near future? I know it's a hike, maybe we could get you to play in Tampa all day! (Brunch at Datz!?!?!?)

  3. The master's seminary has a website where all the pastor's who've graduated are located. Maybe there is one in Florida! I totally know what you mean by not wanting a rock concert! They are more conservative, and of course have the baptisms but I do believe they are non-denominational. Mostly they would say "biblical"! Check it out :)