Monday, July 1, 2013

Get Pin-spired: July Edition

Hard to believe, but it's already the 1st of another month! This year is really flying by. Once again, I'm linking up with Shay, Sheaffer and Mel for Get Pin-spried. This is where we find outfits on Pinterest and try to re-create them using items from our own closets.

I decided to try something really out of my element this month. I went monochromatic! My first look made me feel a little bit like a giant bottle of Pepto Bismol when I first put it on, but I think the belt really helped, and maybe this look worked after all! My pink tones don't have as much contrast as they probably should, but the lighting in my picture isn't great, either.

Tee: J. Crew
Shorts: J. Crew (old)
Belt: LOFT

My next outfit was inspired by Alison at Get Your Pretty On. Before I talk about my clothes, I just want to take a moment to say that Alison is one of my very favorite bloggers! I'm so happy I found her blog, and she has been very supportive of me, always there to offer advice and comment on my posts.  And let's face it, she is gorgeous!! So here's my re-creation of Alison's "white on white" look.

Tee: Forever 21 (old)
Shorts: JC Penney (old)
Scarf: Gap 

That's all for this month! I really feel like I'm dressing so much better this summer, thanks to Pinterest and all the great ideas out there. Usually, I feel so frumpy and unkempt during the summer, but not this year!

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  1. Love, love both these looks but because I am a Pink Freak ... I am going with #1

  2. Can I just say how completely flattered I am right now? Thank you so much, not just for recreating the look but for the sweetest comments ever. I love your monochromatic look too, so pretty.

  3. I LOVE the pink outfit!! So fun and unexpected. And I was thinking Alison's outfit may make my pinspiration list for next month, too... you did a great job with it!!

  4. I am totally loving the pink!!! So fun and summery :) I like the white too - but kept thinking I would totally spill something with all that white!

  5. I LOVE the monochromatic pink look! It looks so classy & high-end!

  6. I really like both of them, but I would say that the pink is my fave. Fab as usual, Jenna!

  7. The pink is adorable with the leopard belt! And, love Alison also! Thanks for linking up, Jenna!

  8. I agree that the pink on pink is great!

  9. I never would have thought pink on pink could look so cute!!

  10. Love the pink and white outfits. I may have to borrow the pink idea for this month.

  11. LOVE Alison too! Your copy of her look was spot on. And can I just say that I LOVE the pink on pink with the leopard! You look fantastic!!!! Thanks for linking up!
    Sheaffer :)

  12. Great job Jenna! You did an amazing job recreating these looks ;)

    If you have a sec, I would love to hear your thoughts on my latest:

  13. I really like both the pink & white outfits! so classy!