Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Is it time for an upgrade?

I have a confession. As much as I love technology and all things social media, I have not joined the smartphone bandwagon. I am still using a flip phone. Yes, you read that correctly. In fact, I don't even have texting capabilities, and I've never taken a picture with my phone! It's crazy. 
This is my phone!
I think the main reason for my lack of advancement in the world of cell phones is that I just don't want to pay the extra money each month. I always say it's not something I need, but just something that would be nice to have. And my excuse was always that I'd get a new phone whenever I got a new and better job. Well, friends... that has happened!
Yesterday was my last day at my old job. I worked for a college for 3.5 years doing communications and event planning. My new position will be a lot closer to home, so my commute will be cut in half. I'll be working as a corporate writer for an insurance company. I'm really excited about this new opportunity! But, I still haven't gone out to buy a new phone! I keep thinking maybe I should wait until the new model comes out in the fall, but that's probably just an excuse to postpone it even longer! Eventually, one of these days you'll know I got a new phone when I start sharing more pictures, and who knows... I might even have an Instagram account!!
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  1. So excited for your new job! Some days I wish I wasn't on the smart phone bandwagon. It can be such a time drain.