Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vacation in Hawaii: Days 2 and 3

The second day of my vacation was pretty intense. I didn't expect it to be, though. I thought we had all the difficult hiking out of the way, but boy was I ever wrong! What was supposed to be a nice, easy hike up to Moana Falls turned out to be the muddiest experience I've ever had. Because of the mud, it was super slippery, and I basically thought I was going to die. I was so scared that if I fell, I'd go straight down the cliff! Honestly, that's probably what would happen because the trail was really narrow, and there wasn't much to grab if you slipped. Here I am about to embark on a pretty messy and dangerous adventure!

One positive thing about it being super wet was that the waterfall at the top of the trail was so much bigger and more powerful due to all the rain. And, I'm pretty sure this was my first time in a real rain forest!! It was so beautiful!

The waterfall was just so neat to see, and it was well worth the hike! But of course, once I got up there, I was so scared to come back down!

On the way up, we kept passing people who had taken their shoes off because it was so muddy! So I could only imagine that going down wasn't going to be a simple task. Surprisingly, I made it without slipping, though, but my shoes were completely covered in mud!! Thankfully, there was a hose at the bottom where we sprayed our shoes off. 

After the hike, we grabbed lunch at a place called Big City Diner. I ordered kimchee fried rice and really enjoyed it! I had to ask the waitress what kimchee was before I ordered it! She explained that it's a Japanese food...a spicy cabbage that's been marinated. She said that other veggies are sometimes used, too. She even let me taste some! I really liked it, and especially enjoyed it in the fried rice.

After lunch, we hung out at a beach for a little while, and then went to a little store where they sold macadamia nuts. The next day, Sunday, was jam packed! We got a little lost on the way, which took some extra time, but finally made it to Pearl Harbor! It was such an emotional sight to see. 

After visiting Pearl Harbor, we headed to the North Shore for lunch, and then to check out a place where coffee and cocoa beans were produced. We sampled the coffee, bought some chocolate, and the we were on our way to the beach! We hung out at the beach where the show, Lost, was filmed, which was pretty cool!! It really did look deserted there, and you could even drive to the point where the road just ended!! You couldn't go any further, or I guess you'd end up in the water!
Mokuleia Beach, where Lost was filmed
Civilization stops here
We stayed at the beach until the parking lot closed and the sun was starting to set, and then we headed back to the hotel at Waikiki to get cleaned up for dinner. 

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