Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vacation in Hawaii: Day 1 Continued

The end of our first day in Hawaii concluded with something I had really been looking forward to... the luau! We went to Chief's Luau and it was so much fun!! Before our trip, I spent hours researching luaus! Just when I thought I found the best one, I'd start to read some negative reviews and change my mind. Eventually, I came across Chief's Luau, which isn't as "touristy" and had nothing but stellar reviews! Chief Sielu does a great job of making each and every guest feel welcome, and the setting is one of the most beautiful places on the island. Another cool little tidbit: Last year, Chief Sielu appeared on the season finale of The Amazing Race!

When we arrived at the luau, we were greeted with some shell leis (those who paid more received traditional flower leis, but I didn't see the point of spending more). Here is my brother really excited about the luau! Ok, maybe he thought the girls were pretty nice, too!

Before the festivities officially began, you could walk around and watch headband weaving and hula lessons. Then came the imu ceremony. This was when the roasted pig was raised from the ground. As a disclaimer, I thought this was totally going to gross me out, especially as a vegetarian, and not wanting to have that image stamped in my mind right before dinner. But it really wasn't too bad. 

I'll spare you the photo of the actual pig! If you really want to see it, just ask and I will deliver! 

After the imu ceremony, tables were dismissed one by one to go to the buffet. The food selection was pretty decent. Here is my plate!

Let me explain what I ate. I had a yummy salad with a ginger dressing, fresh fruit, rice, stir fry veggies, purple sweet potatoes, a taro roll (it was purple inside and slightly sweet), and then there was that stuff in the middle... poi! Poi is a traditional Hawaiian food made from fermented taro root. It has a pudding-like texture, but in my opinion it didn't have much taste. I didn't think it was terrible, but apparently it is an acquired taste. On the other hand, my brother thought it tasted like metal!

After dinner came the spectacular show! There were hula dancers, fire dancers, and everything in between! 

I even got pulled on stage at one point! The guys started walking through the audience, and I felt for sure I would get picked because the way my chair was positioned, I was sticking out like a sore thumb! Typically, I would never want to get on stage! I saw a couple girls shake their heads no when they were approached, and I figured I'd just do the same. But then I started thinking about it, and it really was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so why not have some fun?! Sure enough, I was pulled up there, and it was actually really fun! Basically, we all got asked a question that we had to answer with the mic, and then we were taught a simple dance. Here are a couple pictures of me being a fool! (I'm in the bright pink shorts and neon green tee.) I'm pretty sure I was the ONLY one on stage in shorts. I definitely wasn't prepared for dancing!

The show was so entertaining! I couldn't believe how quickly 4 hours passed! At the end, they had everyone form a huge circle and hold hands, and they sang a song about how they'd "never forget us." It was cheesy, yes, but also SO fun! I wondered if the luau would be a little tacky, but this one wasn't. It was everything you expect when you go to Hawaii! More of my vacation adventures to come...

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  1. How fun that you go to go on stage! The food looks incredible. So do you know how to hula now? :)

  2. I was wondering what you would think of poi? I thought that it tasted like a very bland grits.