Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Sale and a Funny Story!

I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day spending time with family and friends! Let's not forget our troops who have served this country, and those who continue to make sacrifices every day to keep us safe. God bless them!

Now for some sale info! Gap has had a Memorial Day weekend sale for the past four days. Today is the last day! Lots of things are 40% off in the store! If you can't make it to a store, just shop online, but you'll only get 20% off. On Saturday, I went to the store to check out the sale, and I scored some great deals! 

I got this tee for only $2.79!! Can you believe that?! I don't think I've EVER bought a shirt for that price! It was on super sale (all essential tees are 50% off), and then an additional 30% off in the store! I love the neon yellow color for summer!

Next, I bought this top for $9.97! Obviously, I'm really into the neon trend right now! Going back to my 80's roots! These are on sale for $10 online, so not much of a difference in the store price.

I wanted a striped tee, too, and I had been eyeing this one online for quite a while. I'm so glad I waited and bought it in the store, though. The sizing was a little off. I typically always wear a small in Gap sizes, but in this shirt, I had to buy an XS, and it's still a bit of a loose fit (but I like that). 

While I was browsing the sale rack, I also came across this shirt, which I thought would be perfect for work, or pairing with jeans. One of my favorite bloggers, Sheaffer, at Pinterest Told Me To, has raved about this shirt! She has it in green and has worn it with lots of cute things! They didn't have my size in green, so I opted for the bright pink instead. It was only $15.39!

All in all, I think I did pretty well at Gap! I usually have better luck with them when I shop online, but in this case, the prices were better in the store, and they still had a decent selection. But since I had a store credit at LOFT and it was right next door, I popped in there to see what I could find. I tried on a couple casual tops/tees, but I didn't like the fit. They seemed too tight and the material was a little scratchy. However, I did find a couple of clearance tops for work. I got both of these on sale, and then they were an additional 50% off!

I'm excited to have some new tops for work and for the weekends! So now, onto the funny story... While I was in Gap, I had been in the fitting room trying things on. Well, just as I opened the door to come out, this older lady was standing there and immediately said, "Hi! What do you think of this dress on me?" Now, before I tell how you I responded, I have to say that I was caught a little off guard! I didn't expect someone to be standing RIGHT THERE when I walked out. It's like she had been waiting on me!

So, I took one look at the dress she had tried on, and started trying to think of how I could give an honest response in a tactful way. The first thing I noticed was that the dress was skin tight and her belly was sticking out so much!! It was so flattering! The dress was a wide stripe maxi tube dress. Not exactly something you'd picture a woman in her 70s to have on. Now, perhaps she was in her late 60s, but I really think she was in her 70s and had benefited from some plastic surgery. 

I was trying to buy time with my response, so I said, "Uhh, well... it's kind of..." and she responded, "A little young for me?" And I said, "Yes, yes I think it is." I was so glad she said that, because I was about to say that I thought it looked a little tight! Yikes! Maybe that wouldn't have been the best response, but it would've been honest. She said she thought it was a little too young for her, so thankfully, she walked out of the fitting room without it! And, just so you can get the full effect of my story, this is the dress she tried on!

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  1. Oh wow, you did well with that response! Thank goodness she offered it up so you didn't have to say it first. LOL! That's an awesome story.