Friday, May 24, 2013

Almond Joy

If you don't like nuts, particularly almonds, then this post is not for you. Sorry! 

I love snacking on almonds. They're healthy and delicious, and these days there are just tons and tons of flavors out there! About a year or so ago, I discovered salt & vinegar flavored almonds, and I was instantly hooked! I ate them almost every day for quite a while! 
But just recently, I noticed that the grocery store now carries several more new flavors! I grabbed the toasted coconut, and it's been a match made in food heaven ever since! One reason I might be a little partial to these almonds is that they remind me of the taste of honey roasted macadamia nuts! And if you're not familiar with those, then does the Almond Joy candy bar ring a bell? Just imagine that candy bar without the chocolate. Ok, maybe that doesn't sound so great anymore, but I promise... these almonds are delicious!!

Go grab yourself a can! Happy snacking!
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  1. I eat almonds every single day. Seriously. One of my "good" addictions. :)