Friday, March 22, 2013


JTT. Those 3 initials probably ring a bell, right?! I was obsessed with Jonathan Taylor Thomas back in the day!! I even got tickets to a live taping of Home Improvement and dragged my poor dad out to Los Angeles with me to see it! You were supposed to be 16 years old to get in, and I was so nervous that I'd get caught (I was not quite 14 at the time), but luckily I passed for a 16 year old! (By the way, it's weird how that works. When I was that age, everyone thought I was older, and now everyone thinks I'm younger than my age. Not complaining, though). 

Imagine my excitement when I saw a commercial the other night for Tim Allen's show, Last Man Standing, advertising a guest appearance by none other than JTT himself!
I honestly thought he had fallen off the face of the earth! After he quit acting and went to college, I kept trying to find out what he was up to, but never could. I used to daydream on the bus ride home from school that I'd get off at my stop and Jonathan would be there waiting for me, and we'd get married and live happily ever after. I even used to buy all the teeny-bopper magazines at the grocery store just so I could read the articles and drool over the pictures of him. I was embarrassed about my crush, so I'd go pay for the magazine in the checkout line while my mom was still grocery shopping!

I'm pretty sure I owned this exact issue. No way I could pass up those 2 giant posters!

Needless to say, I'm stoked to see him on TV tonight!! Last Man Standing is a really funny show, too, and one that I usually watch if I'm home on Friday evenings. Be sure to check out my teen crush on ABC at 8/7 central. 


  1. My little sister had a crush on JTT too! I was a little older, although it blows my mind that he is in his thirties now. :D Fun fact: He and I share a birthday.

    Have a great weekend, Jenna!

    1. Katie! That is too funny that your sister had a crush on him, too! It is hard to believe he's 31 now! Pretty neat that you share a birthday with him, and you better believe I still know when that is: September 8!! ;)

  2. OMG hahah I can completely relate to this. I am pretty sure JTT was my first celebrity crush when I was younger. I just wrote a pretty big confession on my blog about my obsession with Justin Timberlake as a teenager - you might appreciate it! (Stopping by from Kelly's Korner link party!)