Friday, January 11, 2013

The Perfect Jeans

Everyone has a hard time finding great jeans, right? They either have a gap in the back so that every time you bend over or sit down, your underwear peek out. Or they're so tight in the waist in order to make them fit properly everywhere else that they practically cut off your breathing. Or, maybe you're like me and they're too short, or you might have the opposite problem with them being too long. Well, I've always been a fan of 7 for All Mankind jeans. I have one pair, and they're my very favorites. But I've had this pair for several years, and I don't think my budget will allow me to purchase any more in the near future. So, I was on the search for a great pair of bootcut jeans at a lower price point. In the winter, I wear skinny jeans all the time. I love to tuck them into boots or wear them with flats. But in the summer, skinny jeans are just too hot for me! They're so tight on my legs and ankles, and it just doesn't work in this Florida heat and humidity. So, I like a looser fit... hence, the bootcut. 

I've heard great things about American Eagle jeans, but I didn't believe it. I mean, isn't that store for teeny-boppers?! Let me assure you, it isn't. They make great fitting jeans. They recently had a sale where all jeans were $29.99, and shipping was free, plus I found a coupon code. So, I figured it would be the perfect time to test a pair. Lo and behold... they offer long sizes, too, which work perfectly for me! They even have x-long, short, and x-short! I ordered a lighter color because all my other jeans are dark, and I wanted something for casual for the warmer months. These are the jeans I bought, and they fit like a glove!! They are still only $29.99!

I'm so excited about them, and the fact that they were so inexpensive is icing on the cake!!

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