Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Lipstick Kick

I've been on a lipstick kick lately. I used to always have one or maybe two lipsticks or glosses that I'd use, but for the most part I'd use the same one every day. Well, I've recently realized how fun it is to change your look completely by wearing a different lip color. I'm really into the pink shades right now, and a good product really makes all the difference. 

I've been a fan of the CoverGirl NatureLuxe glosses for a while. They're inexpensive and moisturizing, and they have a great line of shades. I keep one in my purse for touch ups, and to use when my lips feel dry. My favorite shade is Thistle.  

I recently discovered some of the higher end lipsticks and glosses, and they are amazing!! I especially loves Nars and MAC products. I currently own MAC's Snob lipstick and Nars' Moonfleet gloss. 

They are both gorgeous shades, and I love wearing them together. I have lots more Nars and MAC products on my wishlist, and I can't wait to try more and wear lots of different shades!


  1. I saw those Cover Girl ones at the store the other day and wondered if they were any good! How bright is the shade?

  2. The Cover Girl ones are great! The shade I like isn't sheer by any means, but it's not super bright, either. It's really just the perfect pink! :)