Friday, May 17, 2013

Affordable Keratin Treatment

As everyone knows, Keratin is the latest and greatest when it comes to nourishing hair treatments. It smooths and protects your hair, makes it easier to comb through, hydrates it, and makes it feel silky smooth. I've never had a professional keratin treatment (and let's face it, they can be pretty pricey), but I did find the best at-home product!

Just last weekend I was with my mom at the store where she buys her supplies (she's a hairdresser). When we got up to the counter, I noticed this new product and saw that it was a conditioning treatment. Ever since I started highlighting my hair again earlier this year, it's been drier and harder to comb out after I wash it. The lady who worked at the store said she had tried this new product and it was great! One excellent testimony and I'm ready to give it a shot!

So I bought some of the Biolage Keratin Dose Pro-Keratin Renewal Leave-In Spray! Whew! What a mouthful! 

I used this stuff for the first time the other night, and I can vouch that it is a miracle product! It says that your hair will be 90% more conditioned after one use, and it's completely true!! It was so easy to comb out my hair when I got out of the shower, and it feels so smooth and healthy! It even looks better! I'm sold on this product! And why wouldn't you give it a try when it's just a fraction of the price of a keratin treatment?!


  1. I'm always on the lookout for products that will make my naturally curly, frizzy hair more manageable and easy to straighten. Do you have to get this at a beauty supply store? I'd love to try it out.

  2. I'd love to try this, too. I have very thick, wavy hair that is huge after it is washed. I'm always looking for something to help me out. Where do I find it?