Friday, March 15, 2013

The Travel Bug

For the past couple years (ever since my brother moved to Dallas), we've made a tradition of taking a brother-sister trip together. The first year, I flew out to Dallas to visit him for the first time. 

Here we are at the Rangers game

The next year, we met up in Seattle and spent a few days there and did lots of driving... to Vancouver, Canada, and to Mount Rainier National Park (the most beautiful place I've ever seen)! 

Me and my baby snowman at Mount Rainier National Park

Last summer, I was supposed to fly back to Dallas, and then from there we were going to drive to Austin. Well, a bad storm hit Florida the night before I was supposed to leave, and I didn't think I'd be able to get to the airport, so I canceled my flight, and we decided to plan a trip to NYC in the fall instead. I had never been before, and it was such an exciting place to see, especially while it was decorated for Christmas! 

My brother and I in Central Park, NYC

But, I still have my flight voucher from my canceled Dallas trip, and I have to use it by this July. I've been thinking about where we could go in the next few months. My brother is usually nice enough to leave it up to me!! (He's a pilot and travels all the time.) Any suggestions of must-see places would really be appreciated!! I'm thinking I might like to go to a non-city place this time since we just did NYC, but there are tons of cities I've never been to and would like to see on future trips.


  1. I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life. I'm having such a great time looking at everyone's vacation photos. It's also giving my husband and I some new ideas for places we might want to visit.

  2. Hi, Jenna - I think it's so sweet that you and your brother have made it a tradition to take trips together. My brother and I have talked about doing a Route 66 road trip and visiting all of the funky attractions along the way. You've inspired me to make it happen!

  3. How about Charleston, SC? I hear it's a cute town and has great places to eat. Denver would be really cool to visit, but that's more like a city.