Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Morning Visitors

I moved into my current place back in August, and I really love living here! It's so quiet and peaceful and really beautiful! My porch overlooks the fairway on the golf course, and early in the mornings, the sandhill cranes come to visit. Well, the first morning I woke up here, I had no idea what I was hearing!! It sounded like some strange alarm, or like a clown car was driving by. I soon figured out that it was the call of the sandhill cranes!! Now that I know what it is, I enjoy waking up to their sound. The other morning, I was enjoying breakfast out on my porch when two of the birds and their babies passed by. I thought they were just too cute, so I snapped a couple photos! 

These birds are no dummies, either! Once the golfers start coming out, they leave. And they even wait to cross the road until a car passes by! 

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