Friday, March 1, 2013

Get Pin-spired: March Edition

Today is the first of the month, so I'm linking up again with Mix and Match Mama, Pinterest Told Me To, and The Larson Lingo for Get Pin-spired: March edition. 

My outfit this time is a little more "springy." I love the bright colors of the season, and when I saw this picture on Pinterest, I knew I could easily re-create the look and make it my own. Because I live in Florida, when it's the appropriate time of year to wear white jeans, it's too hot for jeans here!! So I used white denim shorts instead. I love the mint, pink, and white combo, which I would not have thought to try on my own. And... I actually wore the same mint necklace in last month's Pin-spired post!! I love getting many different uses out of one piece. 

Top: Gap
Shorts: JCPenney (old)
Necklace: Etsy

Just for kicks, I also did a Pinterest Told Sheaffer To, and then she told me to... 
I wore the same scarf, which I bought after reading about it on Sheaffer's blog, and then I incorporated the green with my skinny jeans instead of a cardigan. 

Scarf: Old Navy
Denim shirt: Gap (old)
Tank top: Old Navy
Skinny jeans: Gap (no longer online)

Until next month, go get Pin-spired and wear those items hidden in the back of your closet!


  1. I love your first outfit--the pink & white! I am jealous that you can actually wear it at this time of year. I took my pictures outside in the snow :)

  2. Jenna! I adore both of your outfits! I really, really love the first one with the shorts. Fabulous! Thanks for linking up today!

  3. Hi Jenna! Love both of your outfits SO much! Make sure you email me your 2nd outfit for a contest entry for the $100 gift card! Thanks for linking up!
    Xoxo, Sheaffer :)

  4. Love both your outfits!!! I need a bubble necklace! Thanks for linking up!

  5. I love the first outfit!! So much so I may have to pin that one to wear this summer with my bubble necklace. Jealous of the shorts, it's 32 and snowy up in Indiana today.

  6. I really love your first look! I haven't jumped on the bauble necklace train, but now I really know I need one. Living in Ohio and having crappy weather, white shorts look so refreshing! Heather

  7. Your outfits are so cute! I also love the necklace! PRETTY!

  8. You look darling! I bought a bib necklace and it so hit in the wrong places! You rock yours!