Sunday, February 3, 2013

Some Positive Inspiration

Well, church was canceled today due to the power being out, so I decided to read today's passage in Jesus Calling and reflect on that for a bit. I love, love, love this book!! I try to read each day's passage in the morning as I'm getting ready. They're all very short, but extremely meaningful. Since I got the book a couple weeks ago, I've definitely found it useful. I've run into certain situations throughout the day that made me think about what I read that morning, and it has helped me tremendously. I highly encourage everyone to check out the book. It's really small, too, so you could even fit it in your purse!

Here is today's general message from the book:
“I AM WITH YOU AND FOR YOU. You face nothing alone–nothing!” Jesus Calling By Sarah Young

If that doesn't encourage you, then nothing will! Have a great week, and check out the book for some positive tools for everyday life!

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  1. Interesting that you had a power outage yesterday! There must have been something going on since the Superbowl lost it too! I'm glad you got to read instead. :D