Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On the Up & Up

I'm definitely not a name brand person. I have no problem buying store brands. I learned a long time ago in marketing classes that many products are often manufactured by one company that just puts different labels on them. So, in reality, you're getting the same thing, but with a different name on it. I've found that store brands cost a lot less and are usually very satisfactory.


Hence, my discovery of a great store brand beauty product. Yes, a beauty product. Well, kind of. I am in love with Target's Up & Up brand of nail polish remover! I bought it for less than $1 and it works wonders! I recently ran out of the salon brand nail polish remover I'd had for years. It never did a great job, but I figured it was just me. I tried using cotton balls, cotton pads... you name it! But no matter what, it was still difficult and time-consuming to get the polish off my nails, especially my thumb nails. They have ridges in them (that's another blog post-- I need some good products recommendations for this issue). But with this cheap-o polish remover from Target, it swipes right off, making my self-manicures so much easier to handle! I highly recommend giving this Target beauty wonder a try!

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  1. Good to know! I'll have to try it when I next run out of nail polish remover. :)