Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hair Repair

I'm one of those people who always wears my hair down. Unless I'm working out or doing something adventurous or strenuous, it's down. I don't like the way my I look when my hair is up and I honestly feel pretty limited when it comes to cute ways to wear it up. This shouldn't be a problem for me since my mom is a hairdresser and has been doing hair since before I was born. Everyone thinks I should've just inherited that gene and have magic hair hands, but that's unfortunately not the case. Well, in order for me to wear my hair down, it usually requires straightening it. I recently burned my hair kind of badly! I don't know if I did it with my straightener or blowdryer, but it was not good! I, of course, asked my mom right away what I could do for it and she said there wasn't really a good solution. But she did buy me a great deep conditioner to try, and it has worked wonders! It's by Joico, and it's called K-PAK Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor. The damaged part of my hair improved after the first time I used this stuff! While it's not completely repaired (I'll just have to let it grow and keep trimming it), it's so much better and not noticeable now. Even if your hair hasn't been burned like mine, this is a great treatment to use on a regular basis to keep your hair healthy, especially if it's color-treated or dry. 


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