Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Get Organized

January is "Get Organized" month, and just because the month is almost over doesn't mean it's too late to get started! On Sunday, my friend and I spent the afternoon organizing our recipes. Yes, I do have a Pinterest account, but before that I printed a lot of recipes from websites and never really organized them. I also see recipes in magazines from time to time and needed a good way to organize them.

We bought decorative binders from Target, sheet protectors, tab dividers, and used glue sticks and card stock to secure the smaller magazine clippings. It definitely took some time, but I feel so much more organized now! All my recipes are categorized and easy to find. Plus, while I'm cooking, it's much easier to refer to a page in a binder, rather than running back and forth to my laptop. Plus, if I spill anything on the recipe, it'll wipe right off the sheet protector! Pretty genius, huh?! Eventually, I might print out some of my Pinterest recipes and add them to my notebook.

This is the notebook I bought (in the pink color). It's only sold in stores, but isn't it adorable?! How can you not want to get organized with something like that?! ;)

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