Monday, September 9, 2013

Country Caviar

Those of you who aren't familiar with Southern traditions might find this post totally boring. I'm sorry. But I'm even more sorry that you've been missing out of one of life's greatest pleasures... boiled peanuts, a.k.a. country caviar!

When I was young, I remember taking road trips to the mountains (usually north Georgia or North Carolina) with my family, and it was always a treat to stop at one of the roadside stands that sold hot boiled peanuts! They are just the most delicious snack ever! They're salty and soft, with just the perfect flavor! 
Most grocery stores actually sell boiled peanuts in a can. They can usually be sound on the snack aisle. While these will do in a pinch, they're still not quite the same as homemade. To my excitement, I discovered that the produce section of my grocery store carries refrigerated bags of boiled peanuts that are the next best thing to buying them at a roadside stand. All I have to do in pop them in the microwave for a minute or so, and they're warm and ready to enjoy!
I think each grocery store tends to carry a different brand, but if you can find the refrigerated kind in your produce section, I highly encourage you to try them. My store carries Hardy Farms brand, which can also be purchased online here. If you can't find them in the product section, at least pick up a can of them from the snack aisle!

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  1. OK, I see these at stands every time we travel through Mississippi and Florida but haven't tried them yet. Next summer we are stopping for sure!

  2. Wow I have never had boiled peanuts before I can't imagine peanuts being soft but they sound tasty thanks for posting I learned something new.

    Ali of Dressing Ken