Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My New Juicer

Monday evening I came home from work to my brand new juicer at my doorstep! I am so excited to try it, but I need to find some great recipes and go buy a bunch of produce!
I've never juiced before, and basically got a wild hair a few weeks ago, thinking it would be great to have a juicer so I could eat even more fruits and veggies, and maybe use some things that I otherwise would've thrown away.
I didn't want a huge apparatus sitting in my kitchen, so I bought the Breville compact juice fountain. This baby has great reviews and can be put away so it doesn't have to sit out on the counter top. 

If anyone has juiced before, please share your recipes with me! If I come up with some great combinations, I'll be sure to share them as well. Can't wait to drink a bunch of yummy and healthy goodness!


  1. I LOOOOOVVVVVE juicing. I have a whole board on Pinterest with Juicing and Smoothie recipes!! :D

  2. I haven't gotten into juicing yet but it's been crossing my mind more and more lately. Mainly because I need to get creative with getting more fruits and veggies into my kids!