Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's Strawberry Season!

If you're not from Florida, you might not realize this, but it's strawberry season! This is the best time of year to get delicious ripe berries. My grandfather was born in Plant City, FL, the strawberry capital of the world, and he and his family were strawberry farmers before he moved on to bigger and better things, like building half the houses in the town where I live! So, I really have a special place in my heart (and belly) for strawberries! Yum!!

Just last night I was finally able to sample the strawberry banana pie I made the night before. This pie was a home run, but you must have some serious patience! No, it's not difficult to make. In fact, it's quite simple. But after it's made, it has to be in the refrigerator for 12 hours!! It was torture to have that pie sitting in there waiting for me, and I couldn't eat it!! It was definitely worth the wait, though. I forgot to take a picture of it once I cut into it, but I'll send you to my favorite blogger's page, which is where I first saw the recipe. Go check it out here!

If pie isn't your thing, or you just need strawberry overload, check out this strawberry cake, and click on the photo for the recipe. It's calling my name!! I will definitely be testing out this Pinterest recipe soon!

And just in case you still haven't gotten your strawberry fix, don't forget that FL has an annual Strawberry Festival with lots of great treats and fun country music!!And guess where it takes place?! Yes, Plant City! Feb. 28 - March 10!


  1. Do you know I have never been to the Strawberry Festival? Can we go? Also, we need to take country line dancing lessons!!!

  2. I love strawberry season! It's a family tradition for us to go and pick at least 8 quarts of strawberries every year! And we found an organic farm to go pick from last year so we'll be going back! And we'll be going to the festival this year! :)

    1. I love picking strawberries! Do you put yours up or use them to make jam or something else? I hope you enjoy the Strawberry Festival this year. I haven't been in so long!